Credit for self-employed without private credit checker


Self-employed loan with no credit rating

Self-employed loan with no credit rating

A private loan for the deposit of the apartment. With the banks you have to submit collateral in general and, of course, must also have no negative private credit checker entry. The self-employed in many cases do not receive a loan, in particular no loan for the self-employed without application of the private credit checker.As the banks in Germany always want to hedge and self-employed income is often more than surging. If you apply to the bank for a self-employed loan with no credit rating, you can be sure of the rejection.

The self-employed often have to close a loan for their company, as it is not uncommon for customer payments to be postponed. But there are also bottlenecks in the private sector, so a loan can often help you out of your tight financial situation. If the applicant has too many negative entries in the private credit checker, he can often not get credit in this country.

Lender can provide a guarantor when applying for a loan

Lender can provide a guarantor when applying for a loan

The credit institutions make no distinction between a worker and a self-employed person. If creditworthiness is low, loan applications will be rejected. The self-employed in this situation want to take out a loan without a credit bureau for the self-employed and will encounter obstacles that can not be overcome. Is there a loan without private credit checker for the self-employed? In Germany, no loans are granted without prior examination of private credit checker.

Quite different is the situation in Germany, if you did not even know the private credit checker here. So here can apply for loans without private credit checker. However, these loans are not intended for all population groups, as foreign credit institutions also want to have security. Foreign banks prefer employees or civil servants as customers because they have a fixed salary that does not fluctuate.

Self-employed can not set a fixed rate, as the business is not the same every day. The collateral is always given in capital letters to banks, so it is important to have a regular salary. The required guarantee can not be met by the self-employed, as they take irregular amounts. Therefore, it is impossible to get a loan without a self-employed credit agency.

However, the lender can provide a guarantor when applying for a loan. But here too, the guarantor must undergo a private credit checker test. If the latter were prepared to take on a loan abroad for the self-employed, the private credit checker could be bypassed. For the application for a loan without private credit checker, a fixed interest rate from a non-self-employed employment must be demonstrable.

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